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Opt for a dedicated desk if you value the assurance of having a personal workspace complete with a desk, chair, and filing cabinet. This option allows you to work consistently at the same desk, ensuring that all your essentials are securely stored and readily available each day. Dedicated desks are ideal for individual entrepreneurs seeking a sense of routine without the need for a fully private office.


Our dedicated desk stations feature a height-adjustable desk, ergonomic chair, lockable cabinet, whiteboard, sliding door, and acoustic felt ceiling baffles for enhanced privacy—all incorporated into an inviting modern design.


Additionally, your membership includes 10 hours per month to reserve any of our well-equipped meeting rooms, adding further flexibility to your workspace experience.

Dedicated desk

Fiber optics


5 hrs/month to book meeting rooms

Free parking

Break room access

Phone booth access

Extended access hours

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a day pass?
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